Available Models

  • Stable Diffusion 3

    Stability AI's latest model with greatly improved performance in multi-subject prompts, image quality.

  • Stable Diffusion SDXL

    SDXL 1.0 (Latest)

  • DALL·E-3

    OpenAI's DALL·E-3 model

  • Voxel Assets

    Create characters in voxel style

  • Sticker

    Create fun stickers on a plain background

  • Playground v2.5

    State-of-the-art open-source model in aesthetic quality. Outperforms SDXL, DALL-E-3, & MJ 5.2

  • SDXL Lightning

    4 step inference SDXL model for faster generations

  • Studio Ghibli

    Stable Diffusion SDXL fine tuned on Studio Ghibli movies.

  • JuggernautXL v9

    Create high resolution photorealistic images

  • OpenDALL·E 1.1

    A mix between DALL·E 3 & SDXL

  • RealVisXL 3

    Amazing photorealism with RealVisXL_V3.0, based on SDXL

  • Scribble Portraits

    Generate portraits in a scribble art style

  • Playground v2

    A diffusion-based text-to-image generative model trained from scratch by the research team at Playground

  • Hiroshinagai

    SDXL model trained on Hiroshi Nagai's illustrations

  • Manga

    SDXL model trained on manga illustrations

  • Minimalist Design

    SDXL model trained on images of minimalist interior design

  • Overwatch

    SDXL model trained on images of Overwatch characters

  • Kandinsky

    Kandinsky 2.2

  • Barbie

    Stable Diffusion SDXL fine tuned on Barbie images.

  • Polaroid

    SDXL fine tuned on Polaroid images

  • Money

    SDXL fine tuned on images of bank notes

  • DALL·E-2

    OpenAI's DALL·E-2 model

  • Mascot Avatar

    SDXL fine tuned on mascot avatars

  • Würstchen

    Würstchen v2 - A high performance diffusion model

  • Think Diffusion XL

    Think Diffusion XL - capable of amazing photorealism

  • LCM

    Latent Consistency model focused on creating high resolution images with Few-Step inference

  • Openjourney

    Model trained with Midjourney V4 images

  • Sci-Fi

    Stable Diffusion SDXL fine tuned on 70's Sci-Fi theme

  • Loteria Card

    A SDXL fine tuned model that generates Loteria cards with in-painting

  • Icons

    SDXL fine tuned to generate slick Icons and Flat Pop Constructivist Graphics with thick edges.

  • Fooocus

    Fooocus - a mix of Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

  • Deliberate

    All in One - general purpose model

  • Classic Animation

    Disney style generations

  • Realistic Vision v5

    Generations focused on photorealism

  • Davinci

    SDXL fine tuned on Davinci's illustrations

  • GTA V

    Stable Diffusion SDXL fine tuned on the game Grand Theft Auto V

  • Emoji

    Stable Diffusion SDXL fine tuned on emojis

  • Panorama

    Stable Diffusion SDXL fine tuned on panoramic images.

  • Tron

    Stable Diffusion SDXL fine tuned on Tron theme

  • Sonic

    Stable Diffusion SDXL fine tuned on Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Dreamshaper

    Model focused on anime, characters, and landscape


Change your prompt without moving your mouse! Type the hotkey below and press space.

  • Stable Diffusion 3:
  • Stable Diffusion SDXL:
  • DALL·E-3:
  • Voxel Assets:
  • Sticker:
  • Playground v2.5:
  • SDXL Lightning:
  • Studio Ghibli:
  • JuggernautXL v9:
  • OpenDALL·E 1.1:
  • RealVisXL 3:
  • Scribble Portraits:
  • Playground v2:
  • Hiroshinagai:
  • Manga:
  • Minimalist Design:
  • Overwatch:
  • Kandinsky:
  • Barbie:
  • Polaroid:
  • Money:
  • DALL·E-2:
  • Mascot Avatar:
  • Würstchen:
  • Think Diffusion XL:
  • LCM:
  • Openjourney:
  • Sci-Fi:
  • Loteria Card:
  • Icons:
  • Fooocus:
  • Deliberate:
  • Classic Animation:
  • Realistic Vision v5:
  • Davinci:
  • GTA V:
  • Emoji:
  • Panorama:
  • Tron:
  • Sonic:
  • Dreamshaper: